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Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation is a 501(c) (3), California Public Benefit Corporation. We provide partial scholarships for clients with eating disorders who want recovery, but do not have the funds. We screen each scholarship applicant for motivation, determination, willingness, need, and appropriate level of care. Our scholarships can also be given to other California inpatient treatment programs, if necessary.

As the years have progressed, we are seeing more and more clients financially devastated by the high cost of inpatient treatment. Insurance benefits are stopped just when the client is starting to understand recovery.


It is a hard transition moving from a secluded, safe, confined, inpatient environment into the ‘real world.’ Without the transitional piece of recovery, many relapse. They are not ready to go home, but cannot afford more inpatient treatment.


We provide transitional eating disorder programs for the many women who have no financial support for continued treatment. We not only provide treatment to these women, we help them find jobs and enroll in school. Many clients are now living fulfilled lives, free from the eating disorder. These women thank you for your generous support.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create public awareness for disordered eating, eating disorders and food addictions. Our goal is to raise funds for eating disorder treatment scholarships. We believe that full eating disorder recovery is possible with access to the right treatment options. Our definition of 'full eating disorder recovery' is demonstrated in a life of meaning, purpose, and service without the constant thoughts of  food, weight, diets, excessive exercise, or body image.


Rebecca Cooper started the first transitional living residence for women recovering from eating disorders.

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